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Promotions & Partners

Take advantage of our periodical PROMOTIONS as most of them are at an extremely advantageous cost and some even free in exchange for your effort to spread the word about us. As we are a minimum overhead business we do not inflate the prices with expensive publicity for Data Recovery. We prefer to have clients keep their money in their pockets and not subsidise other companies publicity. Help us and pass on the word about OMG Data Recovery. Thank You!

Slow & Hot Laptop? We will service it for free if you pass on the word to all your contacts about us. Of course we wont know if you did but we trust you will talk to your friends to refer to us in case they have lost files. More details here

Our PARTNERS are companies who trust us and subcontract us for Data Recovery. We therefore consider them our partners here and encourage you to consider using their variety of services.

SCAN (Malta) is one of the leading computer suppliers in the Maltese Islands. SCAN have entrusted us at OMG Data Recovery with all their Data Recovery cases. We have built a solid relationship with SCAN enabling its customers with a solution to their lost data.


Intercomp is also a leading IT vendor and is the Dell authorised dealer in Malta. Intercomp regularly refer their clients to OMG Data Recovery when the service center require recoveries of failed drives and file systems.

We also exchange links between reputable companies in an effort to reduce publicity costs and keep the money in client's pockets. Kindly use the following logo and link it to our homepage in your website. - Malta Classifieds