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2018 Lab Upgrade (1)

posted Feb 4, 2018, 2:41 PM by OMG Data Recovery   [ updated Feb 4, 2018, 2:42 PM ]

HDD & SSD New Recovery Technology

New storage technology brings in new challenges ... and we're up for it!

In Q1 2018 OMG Data Recovery lab is heavily investing in newer technology, upgraded tools, acquired knowledge & training, specialised in Data Recovery. In addition, a newer, larger lab on new premises is in construction for even better faster service to clients.

We are now able to Recover even from latest dead NVMe, SATA and PCIe SSDs. Also we are able to recover smartphone data even from unrepairable phones.

This is of course in addition to our 25 year experience in recovering data from faulty Hard Drives, Servers and other storage media.

2018 is going to be an expansion year for OMG geared to service all of Malta's IT Service companies & techs, performing the recoveries for their clients. To this end we will be also re-introducing free training on HDD Triaging to professional IT techs, who will be then eligible to our new affiliate programme.

We're looking forward to newer challenges to serve everyone bringing back their data SAFELY and SECURELY.

OMG Data recovery
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FB Post on Fault Hdds for technicians

posted Jun 10, 2015, 9:16 AM by OMG Data Recovery   [ updated Jun 10, 2015, 10:09 AM ]

We have published a detailed technical post on how to categorise hard drives. It is only aimed for the following group of people : IT admins, computer technicians, repair and service technicians, CIOs, advanced user. If you are one of these groups then please read...

Click here

Full Format Recovery

posted May 30, 2015, 8:02 AM by OMG Data Recovery   [ updated May 30, 2015, 8:03 AM ]

Did you know that a Full Format (unchecking Quick Format) will not necessarily overwrite, thus erase, everything?

Every hard drive has magnetic anomalies straight out of the factory. These are 'pre-tagged' and avoided by the drive when writing data. During its normal lifetime operation the drive develops more anomalies, sometimes in several tens of Mb. Transparent to the user, these sectors are also tagged, their data copied onto another area of the drive, then written off the address table.

When a user selects a FULL format, say because the drive is 'slow', Windows will overwrite 0s to every cluster in the address table.

Did you see what happened there? The tagged damaged sectors that were written-off the address table, STILL contain some data. This is not accessible on computers because the myriad of tables are part of the drive's firmware, electronically and on several special areas on the drive. At OMG Lab we access and manipulate the firmware of every manufacturer to suit the case.

Therefore, unchecking the Quick Format option to enable full format WILL NOT securely erase ALL the data, and we can still recover that remaining data.

To securely ensure that all the data is erased, contact us for a special Certified service. A Certificate of Secure Data Destruction will be given. This is necessary for :
- Companies auditable Asset Recovery procedures
- Sensitive Data Destruction (banks, insurances, enforcement, individuals)
- Drive Sanitization (eg. RAID server reset)
- Forensic cases / Legal evidence
- Individual requests

OMG Data Recovery
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OMG Data Recovery offers assistance to Nepal quake victims

posted Apr 29, 2015, 5:43 PM by OMG Data Recovery

We're doing our bit. The devastating earthquake that struck central Nepal on 25th April 2015, has left several thousand victims. While we donated a contribution, we decided to add our assistance by offering free data recovery services to any resident / tourist that was affected by the earthquake and has lost critical data through hard drive destruction. We will assist to the full.

If you have an urgent data loss case please contact OMG Data Recovery on (+356) 79437846 to talk to us for assistance.


De - CryptoLocker

posted Aug 8, 2014, 1:47 PM by OMG Data Recovery   [ updated Aug 8, 2014, 1:48 PM ]

CryptoLocker Decrypted
The devastating Cryptolocker ransomware virus has been broken.

This virus, that usually enters a computer via an email that faked a company notice (such as a bank or a courier company), encrypts data with a very robust RSA2048 encryption. A warning is then displayed on the victim's computer to pay a ransom within a set time before the decrypting key is destroyed. The key is stored in the criminal's databases on their servers. The victim had to pay a ransom approx €500 in bitcoin (an online cryptocurrency that is anonymous) to be able to decrypt the data.

FBI covert action intercepted some servers spread worldwide and took control of the server's databases. The solution is available FREE OF CHARGE. Contact us if you fell a victim.

OMG Data Recovery is advising the Government, all IT vendors, technical staff, The Times of Malta, The Malta Independent and the Cyber Police of the solution.

Dropped, Slammed, Impacted Laptops and External Drives

posted Nov 28, 2013, 7:50 AM by OMG Data Recovery

Heads damaged by dropped external drive - OMG Data Recovery Lab
When a drive suffers an impact, several out of tolerance conditions will cause the drive to commence a
gradual, rapid or immediate degradation leading to loss of data access followed by loss of data itself.

The gradual and rapid degradation will not be readily apparent to the user or even to most PC Repairers as the impacted drive uses several layers of error correction in order to try its hardest to present the data requested. Unfortunately this has a worsening effect on the drive until it exhausts all efforts and suddenly stops reading. The drive will click, hang or spin down on its own and will never switch on normally again.

Therefore, to avoid steep costs and ensure a very good recovery at the lowest costs, switch off the drive early on realization of an impact, and contact us.

Here is a video of what actually happens during an impact and also after the impact when users and PC Repairers attempt to repower the drive. So if you actually need the data, do not risk, contact us!

Forensic eDiscovery

posted Aug 22, 2013, 5:19 AM by OMG Data Recovery

We offer information gathering services from hard drives, mobiles and smartphones at the request of the client. These services are Forensic eDiscovery, Evidence Acquisition and Legal Representation for clients who are after having an expert witness, reports or simply information for their personal private use. These services are specialised, totally confidential and suitable only for the following cases:
- EMPLOYMENT: Eg. Client wants evidence for use in disciplinary board, work distractions, proof of information leaking, computer usage etc
- SPOUSE/MATRIMONIAL: Eg. Evidence gathering of activity through calls, SMSs, facebook chats, Skype, images, contacts and computer usage
- PARENTAL: Parents wanting to monitor their children's online habits, websites visited, their contacts, facebook chats, and computer usage 
- OTHER CASES: Clients requesting information extracted from a device or Clients needing an independent professional report of a computer investigation

The request for information and the cases themselves are understandably highly sensitive in nature. Therefore we will ensure TOTAL Confidentiality by dealing only with 1 client per case. No other person or entity will be a party to the case unless specifically requested by the client. We will respect all requests and design the investigation around them.

Prior to commissioning an investigation, clients have to agree to totally indemnify and absolve OMG DR of any legal responsibility, obligation or claim by signing an agreement that they are authorised to hand in the devices for the investigation.

We respect the client requests for anonymity. make initial contact from an ID Withheld call or through a proxy (third person).

If you require these services or would like further information please contact us here

(+356) 79437846


OMG Updates - Spring 2013

posted Mar 28, 2013, 4:21 PM by OMG Data Recovery   [ updated Apr 16, 2013, 11:17 AM ]

We have just acquired the very latest super advanced hard drive circuitry, accessories and system to force deeper data recovery especially on damaged media with weak heads. This system will also enable never used before hard drive commands and functions through USB for the latest USB-only drives such as the Samsung S2 and WD Passport families. On our facebook site there is a short video with text explaining the capabilities. See it here.

Work is in progress on the new lab which will enable better work flow, comfortable client services, environmentally friendly green design of materials and operations, and scope for future expansion. The new lab is estimated to be complete later this year.

Our legal associates have redesigned the terms and conditions under pressure to keep them simple, short and easy for everyone to understand. They are found in summary at the bottom of the FAQs & Legal where there is a link to the expanded version in simplified legal lingo.

Finally we took a step to outsource most of the mountain of bureaucracy and have engaged a management company to care of everything red tape so that we concentrate on operations. Now we hope to enable faster response to emergency disasters for your business continuity.

The FAQs have been updated to include more information on drives affected by liquid infiltration as we have observed an increase in this category of disasters. The information is intended to assist users to preserve the device and therefore the data until the drive is brought into lab

Storm Damage - Save your Drive!

posted Sep 2, 2012, 10:49 PM by OMG Data Recovery   [ updated Sep 3, 2012, 1:05 AM ]

Storm Damage, Water Flooding, Electrical Surge, Impact
Certain areas in Malta are vulnerable to STORM DAMAGE and may cause severe secondary problems when computers are affected. Has your computer sustained flooding, electrical surge or impact due to storm damage?

We will help you RECOVER your files. Follow these guidelines:

First Action: IMMEDIATE SWITCH OFF! Safest for your data!
Second Action: Contact us on 79437846 or
Third Action: Take photos of the room area where the computer is for insurance purposes. Preferably take them in the state you found the computer before you move it to a safe dry place. Check the recommendations below:

- Do not power the computer if water has infiltrated! Especially for laptops: Do not dry it from the outside and power it! Best is to remove the hard drive and let the laptop dry. Let the hard drive dry as well on its own. Do not use hair dryers to dry the water as it may damage the electronics.
- If you already attempted a power up without success, it is imperative to SWITCH OFF and CALL 79437846 to save your drive
- If your computer is completely drowned under water, CALL 79437846

- If you smell electrical burning, see smoke or heard a 'clap' from your computer, UNPLUG IT and CALL 79437846 or bring us the drive to our lab
- If you suspect your computer was hit by lightning through the electrical grid, UNPLUG IT, do not repower it and CALL 79437846
- Under no circumstances you should attempt to exchange pcbs on modern SATA drives. This may render the drive further expensive damage

- If absolutely necessary, power the drive for not more than 15 seconds to verify it is working. Then switch it off. Reason: The likelyhood of damage on a drive that suffered an impact is high but several error correction layers hide the damage from the user causing subsequent accelerated damage to the drive. The result may manifest itself in a sudden failure when error correction is unable to correct damaged data. You should have copied by now all necessary documents on another drive. Pictures, videos and films are large files and may take long. At OMG, we have equipment to deal with impact damaged drives and it is your safest bet. CALL us on 79437846 or email

We have specialised equipment to deal with these disasters. To lower the costs, users should follow these guidelines. However in case of any queries how to save your drive, call us for free advice.


CALL 79437846

OMG Data Recovery
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Skype: omgdatarecovery

SUMMER 2012: Approved Vendors & PC Repair in Malta

posted Mar 21, 2012, 12:23 PM by OMG Data Recovery   [ updated Jul 4, 2012, 11:19 AM ]

OMG DR Data Safe Award
What is this?
OMG Data Recovery is compiling a list of IT Vendors and Servicing businesses/personnel to allow Malta's IT users know which businesses have been briefed and approved ensuring maximum safeguard of their data during a servicing or repair. It is still being compiled due to the large amount of PC repair people.

Why do this list?
It is being done because there are cases where users have engaged the services of PC repair/service businesses or personnel for diagnostics or data recovery, where inadvertently, or due to lack of skill, the data on the user's hard drive or pen drive was compromised in an attempt to recover data. We, at OMG DR, would like to inform the public at large who is capable of handling your devices that contain your data.

How will this list be published?
The list, still being compiled, will be published here. There will be Approved centers and others which will be greyed out so users, who wish to use the service of these people/businesses are aware of the risk of their data being compromised. Apart from the list containing the name of the business/personnel, there will be an Approval Award which the business may display in the customer service center and on their website. Also, for Onsite PC Repair personnel, there will be an Approval Award tag that the individual will carry and display if asked for by a client that wishes to ensure his data is safe.

What credentials will these businesses/personnel have to handle my data?
All the Approved businesses/personnel will undergo a detailed briefing on how to handle faulty devices, what to do and more importantly, what not to do. The briefing will include detailed and special procedures to safeguard the user's data, especially on faulty devices.

Do businesses/personnel have to pay to enter your scheme?
No, it is free.

When can I see this list or when will it be launched?
The Approval Award will be launched late summer 2012 and will be updated continuously

Where will the list be displayed?
It will be displayed on this website accessible from the menu, and also on our facebook page.

Are you a PC Vendor / Repair center or contact?
If you are as yet uncategorised or uncompliant and would like to upgrade your customer service to safeguard clients data on faulty devices please contact us on with the subject "Compliant Award". IT'S FREE, and after a briefing and first referrals you will be considered for an award to display at your center and a tag to show onsite clients.

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