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Dropped, Slammed, Impacted Laptops and External Drives

posted Nov 28, 2013, 7:50 AM by OMG Data Recovery
Heads damaged by dropped external drive - OMG Data Recovery Lab
When a drive suffers an impact, several out of tolerance conditions will cause the drive to commence a
gradual, rapid or immediate degradation leading to loss of data access followed by loss of data itself.

The gradual and rapid degradation will not be readily apparent to the user or even to most PC Repairers as the impacted drive uses several layers of error correction in order to try its hardest to present the data requested. Unfortunately this has a worsening effect on the drive until it exhausts all efforts and suddenly stops reading. The drive will click, hang or spin down on its own and will never switch on normally again.

Therefore, to avoid steep costs and ensure a very good recovery at the lowest costs, switch off the drive early on realization of an impact, and contact us.

Here is a video of what actually happens during an impact and also after the impact when users and PC Repairers attempt to repower the drive. So if you actually need the data, do not risk, contact us!