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Forensic eDiscovery

posted Aug 22, 2013, 5:19 AM by OMG Data Recovery
We offer information gathering services from hard drives, mobiles and smartphones at the request of the client. These services are Forensic eDiscovery, Evidence Acquisition and Legal Representation for clients who are after having an expert witness, reports or simply information for their personal private use. These services are specialised, totally confidential and suitable only for the following cases:
- EMPLOYMENT: Eg. Client wants evidence for use in disciplinary board, work distractions, proof of information leaking, computer usage etc
- SPOUSE/MATRIMONIAL: Eg. Evidence gathering of activity through calls, SMSs, facebook chats, Skype, images, contacts and computer usage
- PARENTAL: Parents wanting to monitor their children's online habits, websites visited, their contacts, facebook chats, and computer usage 
- OTHER CASES: Clients requesting information extracted from a device or Clients needing an independent professional report of a computer investigation

The request for information and the cases themselves are understandably highly sensitive in nature. Therefore we will ensure TOTAL Confidentiality by dealing only with 1 client per case. No other person or entity will be a party to the case unless specifically requested by the client. We will respect all requests and design the investigation around them.

Prior to commissioning an investigation, clients have to agree to totally indemnify and absolve OMG DR of any legal responsibility, obligation or claim by signing an agreement that they are authorised to hand in the devices for the investigation.

We respect the client requests for anonymity. make initial contact from an ID Withheld call or through a proxy (third person).

If you require these services or would like further information please contact us here

(+356) 79437846