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SUMMER 2012: Approved Vendors & PC Repair in Malta

posted Mar 21, 2012, 12:23 PM by OMG Data Recovery   [ updated Jul 4, 2012, 11:19 AM ]
OMG DR Data Safe Award
What is this?
OMG Data Recovery is compiling a list of IT Vendors and Servicing businesses/personnel to allow Malta's IT users know which businesses have been briefed and approved ensuring maximum safeguard of their data during a servicing or repair. It is still being compiled due to the large amount of PC repair people.

Why do this list?
It is being done because there are cases where users have engaged the services of PC repair/service businesses or personnel for diagnostics or data recovery, where inadvertently, or due to lack of skill, the data on the user's hard drive or pen drive was compromised in an attempt to recover data. We, at OMG DR, would like to inform the public at large who is capable of handling your devices that contain your data.

How will this list be published?
The list, still being compiled, will be published here. There will be Approved centers and others which will be greyed out so users, who wish to use the service of these people/businesses are aware of the risk of their data being compromised. Apart from the list containing the name of the business/personnel, there will be an Approval Award which the business may display in the customer service center and on their website. Also, for Onsite PC Repair personnel, there will be an Approval Award tag that the individual will carry and display if asked for by a client that wishes to ensure his data is safe.

What credentials will these businesses/personnel have to handle my data?
All the Approved businesses/personnel will undergo a detailed briefing on how to handle faulty devices, what to do and more importantly, what not to do. The briefing will include detailed and special procedures to safeguard the user's data, especially on faulty devices.

Do businesses/personnel have to pay to enter your scheme?
No, it is free.

When can I see this list or when will it be launched?
The Approval Award will be launched late summer 2012 and will be updated continuously

Where will the list be displayed?
It will be displayed on this website accessible from the menu, and also on our facebook page.

Are you a PC Vendor / Repair center or contact?
If you are as yet uncategorised or uncompliant and would like to upgrade your customer service to safeguard clients data on faulty devices please contact us on with the subject "Compliant Award". IT'S FREE, and after a briefing and first referrals you will be considered for an award to display at your center and a tag to show onsite clients.