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SSDs replacing HDDs

posted Jan 12, 2012, 12:45 AM by OMG Data Recovery   [ updated Jan 14, 2012, 6:37 AM ]
Barely the new year has started that our prediction on storage trends are being materialised, even earlier than we thought. SSDs are being offered as hard drive replacements even so that the price per Gb is about to go below $1. Although it is not yet an obvious choice for storage solution, SSDs are accelerating their entry into PCs especially laptops, apptops, netbooks and tablets. Many consumers are also opting to change the system drive to an SSD and leave others for data in RAID or JBOD. Already the next generation of SSDs are ready to come out with lower consumption, faster controllers, improved addressing and higher cacheing. Cache SSDs which tandem with normal drives are especially of interest due to their lower price and for some time we will definitely these hybrid systems in many devices until the SSD prices reach HDD levels.

Even though Hitachi just released a 4Tb drive, the trend in technology advancement is set to continue growing faster over itself and in five years time we might as well relegate system hard drives to past technology. Already we are approaching the physical boundary of physics with currently shipped processors having 3 atom transistors using Molybdenite instead of silicon or graphene. And even before this sentence has been written, the single atom transistor is here. Quantum electronics are now a reality. They will revolutionise electronics as we know it, enabling ultra low power consumption in processors and memory while shrinking the form factor.

This shows that the current HDD shortage, is not a step back at all. Instead, as we predicted, it served as a step in upgrading technology.

Are you still thinking of buying that drive, or are you googling SSDs instead?