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Storm Damage - Save your Drive!

posted Sep 2, 2012, 10:49 PM by OMG Data Recovery   [ updated Sep 3, 2012, 1:05 AM ]
Storm Damage, Water Flooding, Electrical Surge, Impact
Certain areas in Malta are vulnerable to STORM DAMAGE and may cause severe secondary problems when computers are affected. Has your computer sustained flooding, electrical surge or impact due to storm damage?

We will help you RECOVER your files. Follow these guidelines:

First Action: IMMEDIATE SWITCH OFF! Safest for your data!
Second Action: Contact us on 79437846 or
Third Action: Take photos of the room area where the computer is for insurance purposes. Preferably take them in the state you found the computer before you move it to a safe dry place. Check the recommendations below:

- Do not power the computer if water has infiltrated! Especially for laptops: Do not dry it from the outside and power it! Best is to remove the hard drive and let the laptop dry. Let the hard drive dry as well on its own. Do not use hair dryers to dry the water as it may damage the electronics.
- If you already attempted a power up without success, it is imperative to SWITCH OFF and CALL 79437846 to save your drive
- If your computer is completely drowned under water, CALL 79437846

- If you smell electrical burning, see smoke or heard a 'clap' from your computer, UNPLUG IT and CALL 79437846 or bring us the drive to our lab
- If you suspect your computer was hit by lightning through the electrical grid, UNPLUG IT, do not repower it and CALL 79437846
- Under no circumstances you should attempt to exchange pcbs on modern SATA drives. This may render the drive further expensive damage

- If absolutely necessary, power the drive for not more than 15 seconds to verify it is working. Then switch it off. Reason: The likelyhood of damage on a drive that suffered an impact is high but several error correction layers hide the damage from the user causing subsequent accelerated damage to the drive. The result may manifest itself in a sudden failure when error correction is unable to correct damaged data. You should have copied by now all necessary documents on another drive. Pictures, videos and films are large files and may take long. At OMG, we have equipment to deal with impact damaged drives and it is your safest bet. CALL us on 79437846 or email

We have specialised equipment to deal with these disasters. To lower the costs, users should follow these guidelines. However in case of any queries how to save your drive, call us for free advice.


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