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DRIVE CLONING & IMAGING    €25    (10 to 60 mins, while you wait)         
Have a perfect sector by sector clone of a drive. We have fast standalone equipment capable of up to 15 Gb/min. You can wait while your drive is being done. A 1Tb drive will therefore take 1hr. Should you not wish to wait we will pickup and deliver for free. Drive imaging by copying the drive sector by sector to a file on a larger drive is also available. Moreover our equipment will even recover bad sectors should there be some unstable ones. If the drive has a very large amount of bad sectors, then do not despair...we have another higher spec specialised equipment that attempts to read by a different electronic approach. This will be a data recovery job and we will be happy to quote you.

€50    (24hrs)
Never mind deleting your tracks using the software you downloaded. It is still possible to retrieve trails with forensic tools. However, with our knowledge of where things lie in hiding, we will completely eliminate any evidence of your tracks. In fact we will re-use the same forensic methods and our Deep Data Analysis on the same tracks to confirm they have gone forever. Confidentiality is guaranteed, no questions asked.

€50    (24hrs)
Eliminate a file or files (and its traces!) from the hard disk for good. Do not forget that the same file could have been moved in the past (therefore copied not erased) by a background process of the operating system or another application leaving parts of it still recoverable lurking around the free space in the hard disk. We will also hunt for those parts everywhere until no traces are found. Confidentiality is guaranteed, no questions asked.

CLEANUP   €50    (24hrs)
The free space of the hard disk often contains remnants of past activity. It may be fragmented but it can be rebuilt. And another surprise ... files themselves may also contain unrelated evidence you thought would have been long gone. This is because a file is stored as a size being a multiple of the block size. The actual file data size never the exact multiple. That extra space (the remainder or slack) might contain text, tracks or part of an image that was thought to be deleted. However, we are able to completely wipe off any extraneous data even from those areas. We will recheck ourselves if we are able to recover anything but it will be impossible. Put your mind at rest! Confidentiality is guaranteed, no questions asked.

RE-VIRGINISE   €50    (48hrs)
Bring back your hard disk as if you bought it new, not mechanically, but data wise. Unlike a format, there will be absolutely no recoverable content whatsoever readable after this operation. Only the firmware and system area remain needed to make the hard disk run but we also check that. The hard disk is erased, bad sectors masked out, spare pool refreshed, re-written with random bits several times over with US military grade algorithms and then re-virginised with 0s as if nothing was ever written before. And we will confirm that all over again. The hard disk may be reused afresh.

HDD TERMINATOR  from €50    (5 minutes)
NEW UPGRADES! We offer Professional Secure & Certified Hard Drive Destruction. Hard drives are logged then go through a powerful machine which turns them into a mangle of pieces of metal. A Certificate of Secure Destruction is given to the client for the company's IT Audit. At the client's request the shredded pieces are given back or else  we will dispose of the fragments in an environmentally safe way for melting and recycling.

For large amounts of hard drives, secure destruction is per individual agreement

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This is a forensic method that we have devised ourselves to dive deep down into the innards of storage methods and technology to retrieve specific data. It is to be said outright that using any of our above erasure and destructive services, or if you use our Security Consultancy below, would be impossible to recover anything. We use DDA for verifying our secure erasures, auditing security technology and also use it for special operations including Live RAM Recovery, deep fragmented-pattern searches, cryptography and R&D.

Forensic Evidence Acquisition (Malta)

We carry out services in Digital Forensics in accordance with established practices and procedures in preparation for a legal case or on an individual's assignment. Cases that may apply for these services include individuals, companies, Legal prosecution or defence, government, Law Enforcement and Military: Marital cases, Industrial Espionage cases, Identity Theft, Fraud cases, Hacking cases, CCTV Acquisition and Analysis, Cyber Crime, Cryptography and Image Analysis. Official court-ready reports are drawn up for client. These services are offered with Total & Absolute Confidentiality according to our Terms & Conditions


Service available on request as an addition to an eDiscovery or Data Recovery assignment.

Make all your files totally invisible on the hard drive in case of theft
Browse, download, chat securely from any kind of online monitoring
Cloak your online presence without ISP logging traffic or spy interception


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