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Make all your files totally invisible on the hard drive in case of theft
Browse, download, chat securely free from any kind of online monitoring
Cloak your online presence without ISP logging traffic or spy interception

TOTAL PRIVACY IMPLEMENTS is a 5 layered approach starting with Consultation, Implementation of ANTI-THEFT, ANTI-HACKING, ANTI-SPY, and consolidated with Training and Audit. The core three layers are the following:

ANTI-THEFT Implement

Whatever you have on the laptop or desktop is totally your business and no one else's!

Could you imagine what would happen if, for example, right now your business competitor, your boss or a big brother oppressive authority would seize your computer and analyse it deeply for evidence, trade secrets, personal files and what not? It is scary to say the least!

We will render your computer safe from such threats! No need to sleep with your laptop under the pillow. They can take the computer but all they will see is white noise! There is no way, not even us, to decipher that white noise. Only you can, and that's only when you're using the computer. When the computer is off and you're away from it, your files are invisible. You will shrug that you lost a couple of bucks of insured hardware to theft and raise the Victory sign which ever way you want at those trying to steal your information!


Close all doors to hackers trying to take over your computer!

Do you think you've been hacked? Are you in fear that your computer has been compromised by some online virtual being?

Do you remember any special Windows firewall dialogue boxes that come up before a game being played? Do you receive lots of spam mail? Have your friends told you that you sent them emails, without your knowledge?! Windows firewall is like a spaghetti colander, full of holes. Worse of all it gives a false sense of security to 95% of users. Your router firewall is also like transparent glass to the average hacker. All this means your computer is very vulnerable to being used or taken over by malicious hackers for their own reasons. Some reasons are spying, identity theft, using your computer as a proxy to transmit illicit data without your knowledge, using your resources for transmission of spam, using your resources for gaming etc

We will secure your vulnerabilities to enable you to work normally on your pc, in peace of mind.

ANTI-SPY Implement

Vanish from big brother, spies and others prying on your online presence!

Do you know that your ISP logs every site you visit, every file you download and every email you send or receive? And it even knows your address and your computer serial number! Do you know that it is possible to tap into wireless routers and even wired cable internet? Have you seen a car outside your home with a person on a laptop or tapping on the smartphone? That's wardriving. Do you feel scared about browsing, using your credit card, or chatting freely? You should! You're not secure ... until that is you talk to us!

We will cloak your online presence in such a way that whatever you do online, will be visible as white noise to the spies. We will also make your browsing, email or downloading habits completely unloggable by the ISP. There will be no history for big brother to spy on. You will be invisible!


TOTAL PRIVACY IMPLEMENTS service is ideal for Judges, Lawyers, MPs, Senior Government Operatives, the Military, Bank Executives, Bearer Account Holders, Political Campaigners, Industrial Executives holding trade secrets, Managers using commercially sensitive information, Corporate Admins holding client databases, any other Individual who cannot afford to have his/her computer broken into with files falling in the wrong hands! or have the online time intercepted and spied upon by anybody. Security and peace of mind are priceless! This is a specialised service, no questions asked, you may remain anonymous to us.

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