Service Guarantee


They are your files, your trade secrets, your finance, your downloads, your HR personnel database, your pics, your medical reports, your M.Sc thesis, your contacts, your music. They are just yours, and yours only, nobody else's. This business is in the challenge of recovery and client satisfaction only. Confidentiality is absolute paramount and this ethic won't be compromised an iota no matter what. Other clients are not discussed and you won't be either. If you have any questions on confidentiality please feel free to call me on (+356) 79 437846 or email on

Don't be anxious. No Stress. Be informed!

We know you may be anxious, therefore we will make it a point to update you as much as possible on the progress of the recovery job. The updates are: assessment, queries, successful completions or otherwise. Although we do not call the client during the operations or research, we will answer every call, sms, email, facebook message, Skype and other communications the client feels comfortable with.

No job too small, No job too big!

Whether it is that deleted word document, or a corporation's RAID 0 spindle failure on a server farm, it can be done! We know the data is equally important to the individual as to the corporation. The dedication to the challenge of recovery is equal. We will contact the client within 48hrs with our evaluation of the case.

Glaringly obvious!

In the industry of data recovery, success rate is in the region of 85% meaning 15% of the cases had no hope of recovering anything. If it is impossible to recover (eg Obliterated data is impossible to recover with our data erasure services), then we say so and you incur no labour cost.

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